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UGANDA: Cook Arrested For Defiling 3 pupils

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Police in Busia have arrested a school cook at Madibira primary school in Busia municipality for allegedly defiling three pupils of the school.

The police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, revealed that the suspect lured the girls into the act by giving them quality food and gifts.

He made the revelation while he was addressing the press at Naguru Headquarters Kampala.

He noted that the suspect was later arrested after he was found red-handed defiling a 12-year-old pupil at the school.

Following his arrest, it was discovered that he was also defiling another two girls, bringing the total number of victims to three. 

He noted that the suspect is detained at Busia central police station pending investigations.

He said, however, that the suspect will be charged on three counts of aggravated defilement.

Many children have fallen into this trap hoping to have better meals, and some end up dropping out of school.

In October 2022, police in Kisoro arrested a cook for defiling a 9-year-old pupil of Rubiguri town council in Kisoro district.

The pupil happened to be a pupil at Hope preparatory school and was in primary one.

He was detained after he was caught red-handed defiling the pupil.

According to reports, the head teacher said that, the incident happened during play time before they evil hearted cook lured the girl to a pig sty behind the classroom where he defiled her from.

Other pupils saw him pulling up and zipping his trouser, which made them curious to know what was happening. 

However, after he was found, he promised the pupils who caught him to buy them gifts.

The pupils decided to conceal the dubious act by the cook since he had promised them gifts.

The pupils found the innocent girl bleeding and took her to the toilet, where they cleaned her up.

But the pupils later opened up and reported it to the teacher.

However, it was found out that he had also defiled another pupil from the neighboring school where he worked before.

However, he managed to escape without being arrested under unclear circumstances.

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