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Raila Responds to Threats of Sanctions From Foreign Countries Over His Call For Mass Action

According to a report published on the daily nation on Sunday 26th, close Ruto allies are planning to counter Raila after his call for mass action if the cost of living won't come down in 14 days.

The report indicates that Ruto allies want to engage foreign countries where they will request Odinga to be slapped with several sanctions, including being banned from travelling to United Kingdom (UK) as well as the United States of America (USA).

Speaking in Kitale, Trans Nzoia county on Sunday afternoon, the Azimio leader responded to these threats where he asked the foreign countries not to interfere with Kenya internal affairs.

Odinga stated that he has not done anything contrary to the Constitution of Kenya. He argued that the right to hold demonstrations is enshrined in the Kenyan constitution.

The former prime minister further said that he is not afraid of sanctions. He noted that he will be okay with the travel ban of effected, adding that Kenya is sufficient for him.

"Foreign countries should keep off from our Internal affairs. The right to demonstrate is in our constitution. But even if they ban me from visiting their countries, I don't care. Kenya is sufficient for me and I must fight for Kenyans," noted the ODM leader. (Watch video from 52 min).

Odinga also warned Ruto's government. He said that reporting him to foreign countries is a sign of fear and he will not succeed. He maintained that his votes were stolen demanding that the servers should be opened.

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