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Rotimi Announces He's Coming To Kenya

Rotimi, the singer/actor, has recently announced that he will be visiting Kenya, and we can' t wait!

Rotimi announced the news on his Instagram stories earlier today, saying he wants to perform a holiday tour with his band. He included a bunch of cities in his narrative, and get this: Nairobi was the only city in Africa he was willing to visit, and it was also the location with the most votes in the tally!

Will Rotimi begin his tour in Nairobi? For many of his Kenyan followers, it would be a dream come true (everyone knows that Vanessa' s man has 99 percent of the female population in Nairobi swooning over him because of how well he treats her). He' s our African Giveon, and he' s itching to shake to his beats.

Rotimi' s songs usually score well in Kenya. His utter banger " To Love Somebody" was trending on numerous Kenyan reels, but let' s not get into " In My Bed, " which was on everyone' s bae- cay reels, okay?

In a nutshell, he' s a big thing in this town.

While it' s obvious why he' d want to go on tour, now might not be the best moment.

Rotimi and his stunning Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee just announced that Vanessa had given birth to their first child yesterday evening!

When they both posted his name, Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho, with a somewhat unclear but extremely cute photo of his small hand holding a finger, the news went viral.

After repeatedly disputing the accusations, the happy couple revealed their pregnancy just a few weeks ago. It was a really happy day for their supporters, as Vanessa and Rotimi appear to be a perfect combination. Even while most people were happy to hear the news, there were rumors that Juma Jux, who released a song called " Sina neno" a week after the pregnancy announcement, was mocking Vanessa, who had moved on with her life by then.

Regardless, Rotimi and Vanessa' s family is expanding, and the man of the house wants to supplement his income!

Is it too early to say whether Rotimi will make the trip or not? He' s already proven to be a responsible and caring husband, so it' s safe to assume he' ll do the same as a father.

Do you think Rotimi should go on tour or focus on being a father instead?

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