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Waiguru Names One Thing Uhuru Might Fail to 'Give' Raila, Ruto Ahead of 2022 Statehouse Race

Kenyans are ten or so months shy from electing leaders who will take the wheel between 2022 and 2027. Of the six elective seats, presidential race is anticipated to be one of a kind thanks to political heavyweights who will lock horns to occupy that which is currently under Uhuru Kenyatta's grip.

To have their names mentioned alongside Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta's, presidential hopefuls are investing in various political methodologies to actualize their bids.

One of the tactics they are capitalizing on is that of attaching themselves to the outgoing commander in-chief. Though his ten-year tenure is lapsing, Jomo's son has influence in the forthcoming elections mostly from his Mt Kenya hub and should he throw his gauntlets behind a candidate choice, whoever that will be, will have an upper hand in the incoming race.

Before things fell apart between him and his deputy, Uhuru was bound by 2013 Jubilee Coalition pact to return hand in 2022 and support the man from Sugoi. The practicality of that pact is currently hanging on a rotten straw thanks to mistrust between UhuRuto.

Raila Odinga has instead been projected as Uhuru's preferred candidate but the Kirinyaga county governor has stated otherwise. Speaking late last week, the fast growing politician revealed that 2022 presidential hopefuls are on the own and none should think of receiving endorsement from the outgoing head of state.

Waiguru further revealed that Mt Kenya region is still up for grabs and those claiming they have its wholly support are but living a lie. Her revelation will verily change the course of 2022 succession politics as it portrays Uhuru's universality and non-interference demeanour. Raila will not have Uhuru's endorsement neither will Ruto.

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