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"Make Use Of The Degree You Studied For" George Magoha Message To All Degree Holders

Professor George Magoha is the Current Cabinet Secretary of Education.

Magoha is very committed to ensure each an every student in whichever level gets the best education and also get affordable education.

To all the degree holders George Magoha has never failed to send a message to them advising them on what to do after they get their degrees.

George Magoha has sent an important message to all the degree holders asking them to use the degree they learnt for.

George Magoha has said that a degree is very useless when you gained the knowledge on that degree and you are not putting the degree into action.

George Magoha has given an example of a doctor who does not practice medicine is making his or her degree useless.

If you have a degree holder the Cabinet Secretary is asking you to use the degree you studied for to better your life and don't let the degree become useless in your life.

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