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The Largest Matatu Sacco in Kenya and Its Owner (Photos)

Before Corona Virus outbreak, Matatu sector had a turnover of about Ksh400 billion per annum. However, as result of the pandemic, the amount has greatly decreased. According to data obtained from National Transport and Safety Authority, there over 700 Saccos in Kenya serving over 80,000 vehicles. In addition, according to NTSA demand, all passengers service vehicles (matatus) must be operated in a Sacco or limited company. Therefore almost all Kenya matatus are operated by a given Sacco or limited company.

Thus in this article we are going to look at the largest matatu Sacco in the country, they are 2NK Matatu Sacco, Matatu Owners of Mombasa Sacco and Nairobi's Embassava Sacco. However the largest among them is 2NK Sacco which operates in Mount Kenya region, parts of Rift valley and Nairobi. Their primary vehicle are 14 seater vehicles.

Moreover, this Sacco is very rich with an asset base of about Ksh240 million with around 800 matatus. 2NK is owned by partners in the Sacco and is being led by its CEO Anne Nyawira and Chairman James Kahiro. Their headquarters is located in Nyeri town. Below are some of the pictures of 2NK Sacco.

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