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Why Nana Owiti is a Strong Willed Woman

Living in Kenya is one complete movie of sorts that would give any foreigner a second thought whether to leave for his or her country,because the series are just exciting but to some it is a nightmare.We are still getting surprised of how things are going on in the country.Men are not being welcomed by hugs and kisses,they are not being asked whether to drink tea or coffee for breakfast but instead they take whatever their women likes or wants.

But about Nana Owiti,the gorgeous wife to King Kaka,the story is different,may be she is from different planet,we are still in dilemma whether such kinds of ladies exists in Kenya.

Image Credit:Nana Owiti and King Kaka(Instagram)By Aaron Mullah

According to Dundaing hit-maker the last three months has been nothing short but terrifying,his wife Nana Owiti was sleeping next to him in hospital through out.The lady could also take a shower in hospital before resuming on duty as a host on Switch TV as usual,in order to enable King Kaka to show his grin in hospital environment.

Image Credit:King Kaka(Instagram)By Aaron Mullah

34-year old King Kaka lost 33 kilograms within a span of three months after being misdiagnosed.He became so scrawny such that those who saw him sometimes back could easily forget him.

Image Credit:The skinny King Kaka(Instagram)By Aaron Mullah

The artist has been praising his wife on social media for being patient and taking care of him than anybody else,not to forget he also thanked the ladies who supports their husbands whether they have money or not.

Content created and supplied by: AaronmullaKE (via Opera News )

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