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RIP;The First Person to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine Dies Of Covid-19 Disease

Corona virus is the pandemic that has taken over the whole world. Many people have been affected by the virus whereby many are getting Infected while many others are dying.

In South Africa,the Frontline worker who was the first person to take the Covid-19 Vaccine has lost her life to the disease.

Sr Iris Adams was the first doctor to take the Vaccine in South Africa and she urged the other doctors who were taking care of patients to take the vaccine in order to save the lives of many people.

She has finished her race in life and may her soul rest in eternal peace. Help me condole the family as and people of South Africa at large. Let God give you strength during this difficult times. Share the article as you follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya. Thank you for reading and Sharing my article.

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