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James Gakara And His Children Finally Laid To Rest

Dr James Gakara and his two children, five-year-old Dylan and three-year-old Hailey, have been buried in Nakuru.The father and his two children were laid to rest at their Mbaruk home.

Dozens of mourners gathered in the sleepy Muhereshwa village in Mbaruk to pay their last respects.

Dr Gakara, 54, passed on September 22 while getting treatment at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital where he was taken after he was discovered oblivious in his home. The kids were discovered dead in their room. 

Police said Dr Gakara infused his two kids with some obscure medication prior to infusing himself with a similar substance. A posthumous on the remaining parts of Dr Gakara uncovered that he passed on because of ingesting an obscure substance. 

Dr Titus Ngulungu, the public authority pathologist who directed the test at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital funeral home on Friday last week, detailed hints of medications in the body and the presence of infusion marks on one of the arms. 

"Because of my assessment, I have shaped the assessment that the reason for death was an unfamiliar substance suspected to be medication," Dr Ngulungu said, noticing, in any case, that the kind of substance was not quickly clear. 

A posthumous on the assemblages of the two minors was directed on Sunday last week at the Nakuru County mortuary, with analysts gathering tests for additional examination as it didn't show the specific reason for death.

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