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Why Ruto's 'Wheelbarrow Politics' May Cost Him Dearly Ahead of 2022 General Elections

Deputy President William Ruto is one of the top contenders of 2022 presidential race and he has been viewed as the most dominant figure owing to his current popularity. He however faces stiff competition from the ODM Party leader Raila Odinga whose political influence cannot be ignored. It has been projected that the race will soon narrow down to a two horse race between the duo.

Ruto's 2022 agenda is mainly targeting Kenyans at the grassroots level; small traders, small scale farmers, small and medium enterprises as well as the jobless and unemployed Kenyans especially youths. He introduced the hustler narrative and the bottom up economic model which have been the talk of Kenyan politics.

He has been going round the country issuing wheelbarrows, which is also his Party's symbol, something which has ignited political debates and opposition especially from his competitors. He further introduced the Huslter narrative and the bottom up economic model causing more controversies. Although the wheelbarrow politics has boosted his popularity, they might soon turn against him and cost him dearly ahead of 2022.

His competitors led by Raila have been poking holes on his ideology, claiming that Kenyans do not need wheelbarrows. Although Ruto's wheelbarrow is meant to represent hard work, majority of Kenyans have interpreted it as a backwardness move which can't solve the current problems.

Ruto's camp has misused the wheelbarrows, using them as a campaigning tool rather than instilling the ideology on people. Instead of helping Kenyans understand the true meaning behind the wheelbarrow concept, they are busy campaigning for it as a tool to liberate the people from poverty thus receiving the opposition. His competitors have also used his concept as a weapon against him mobilizing Kenyans against being downgraded to 'wheelbarrow' level.

Ruto should therefore change tactics and use the wheelbarrow as a symbol for hard work only. He should deceit from issuing wheelbarrows while campaigning but rather empower the youths in another way and preach the gospel of hard work. He should avoid making the wheelbarrow, as a tool, the center of his campaigns or he will soon face opposition from Kenyans.

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