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3 Healthy Bedtime Drinks You Should Consider Before Going To Bed

When you are at sleep you lose consciousness, and your body takes control. Researchers have shown that when you are at sleep some important organs in the body does not rest as they work till lifetimes, such as the heart, lungs, kidney, liver and other vital organs. So in this article, I will explain 3 drinks that you need to start drinking to keep those internal organs safel

Down below are 3 drinks you need to start drinking before going to bed

1. Water

Without water, the internal organs would not work properly, as it can lead to constipation, hard stool, cramps and abdominal pains, but when you drink water it helps to ease digestion and also makes the bodywork effectively.

Water is like grease to the body engine.

2. Red wine

This day' s people now replace wine with alcohol, probably they don' t know the health benefits of red wine, red wine helps to keep the heart- healthy, and also that red wine contains some antioxidant which helps to prevent coronary artery disease, this is the condition that leads to a heart attack.

So if you want to prevent those health conditions start drinking red wine at least one to two hour before going to bed.

3. Yogurts

The benefits of drinking yoghurts cannot be overemphasized as it is rich in the below

• it is rich in calcium that helps for strong bones and strong teeth.

• it is rich in protein

• it strengthens the immune system

• it helps to protect against Osteoporosis

• It is beneficial to the heart

• It helps to main a balance or stable weight.

So after knowing all these health benefits of drinking yoghurt, you need to start drinking it before going to bed.

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