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Tips on how invest in sports games and have consecutive profited returns

Due to high rate of unemployment and tax inflation in Kenya, most Kenyans have turned to investing in lotto tickets and sports. This is to trying their luck, at least get some money to spend on themselves. However, investing on sports is not an option when one is desperate for cash because it only depends on luck or good analysis. So if you have desperate need of money, don't invest in sports or lotto tickets. Look for another way to settle your money issues. Note that, always invest wisely and responsibly to avoid addiction. 

Today we share a good strategy that will help you get more winning and consecutively. If you use this strategy and find not working you are allowed to come back to this article and post a complain in comment section but if it works you are welcomed to appreciate with a comment too. 

1. Learn to analyze games or look for trusted site that analyses games.

This will help you to decide on which team to invest on. Learning to analyze games is very easy all you need is a Livescore app. This will assist you to get all matches that are going to be played that day. Look for teams that have had consecutive wins or two win in a row. This teams really loss their matches hence are said to be 99% safe. You can also look at how team has been performing, its points and its position. Top teams are often guaranteed to smash bottom team which makes them an obvious choice. You can also look at their last encounters, know how the ended and how many goals.

2. Odd selection

This is where most investors loose track due to greed. Most of them want to invest and gains like ten times. This rarely happens and hence they end up loosing all their money. When you are selecting odds to stake on, look for safe odds. Teams with small odds often take the day and as an investor you should take advantage of that. Look for teams with low odds and invest more money on them. Investing more money in small odd, can give you double or triple returns. That is if you invest in multiple teams with low odds.

3. Always invest in more than one bet slip

This increase your profit margin for one day. It also makes sure that, that day profit count. This means that if one slip looses you'll have another that may compensate your losses. Make sure you don't repeat any game in your previous slip.

Finally, remember that football investment is not for the greedy and impatient. This is because you can't make a million in one day, just as a business take time to grow the same way football investment will be. 

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