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Kawira. ''I Never Slept Hungry During Corona Period. I only Need a Job not Help.''

Her father died when they were very young. Luckily her mother took care of her and her two sisters until they were grown-ups. Her mother is a single mother who went through hardships. But being the last born she never lost hope in life.

In the field of acting, you require a lot of patience and determination. Fortunately, you also need passion. Her star shined when she was still in college. During her attachment at Royal Media Services, an opportunity came. She acted at Papa Shirandura as Kawira. For 12 years she has been in the show. Luckily in 2015, she joined Meru FM. She worked there for more than three years.

In 2017 she got married to the love of her life. Her now-husband is a pastor. Together they are blessed with twins. Her journey as a mother has not been easy. First, it was some complications of her pregnancy. Later in the years, her tins were hospitalized. A lot of people came through so that she could clear her medical bill. According to her, she was amazed at how people were of help to her.

Unfortunately, during the Corona period, things have not been easy. She adds that the job she was doing was no more due to lockdown. ''I stayed in the house for more than one year. I did not Emcee.'' She adds. Most of her jobs that needed gatherings were cut off.

The best thing with her is that her life is still going on. Despite many actors complaining about going foodless, for her she has never slept hungry. Some actors even came to social media to ask for help. Luckily many Kenyans contributed money, food, and other things for them. But for Kaira what she needs is a job.

''My life is fine. I have no problem pertaining to necessities. I don't need help what I require a job, advertising projects, and an Emceeing job. My life is moving on perfectly.'' She adds. For Kawira she says that it's good to speak out because of what you are going through. Ask for help and advice from people.

She adds that Papa was like a father to her. He always advised them, talked to them a and even molding her career. Even if you were dating someone and describe how your partner looks, Papa was able to tell if he was good or bad. He had spiritual discernment.

When asked if she is in the market she said no. For her is officially taken and married. So people should not send applications. She gave people her number which is for jobs only.

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