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New Twist As Witness Reveals The State In Which They Found First Year Girl Who Was Stabbed

A shocking incident happened in laikipia after a stranger killed a laikipia university student who is said to be a first year student.

There claims that the man who killed the student are said to be in relationship.Those who witnessed the incident said that they heard screams coming from the hostels and they rushed only to find the girl on the ground writhing in pain.

After the suspect stabbed the girl he also tried to take his life using the same knife by stabbing himself but the residents saved his life and after that he was given a thorough beating.

Residents tried to save the girl's life but she died before arriving to the hospital.

“We found the girl who was unconscious, and we rushed her to hospital, but she died on the way,” one of the witness said.

Furious residents tried to lynch the assailant, but he was rescued by police officers who took him into custody as investigations set to start.

May she rest in peace.

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