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Why Apple has deleted the Quran app in China

Apple has deleted one of the world's most popular Quran service programs from its network in China. The company has taken such action following a request from Chinese officials.

The Quran Majeed app is available worldwide through the Apple Store. About 150,000 people shared their views through the feedback process. The app is also used by millions of Muslim believers around the world.

The app was removed after sharing content that is illegal. The Chinese government has not issued a statement on the move despite the BBC's request for a statement. The unveiling of the app was first discovered by Apple Censorship - a website that tracks all apps available on the Apple App worldwide.

In a statement from the creators of the app, PDMS, the company said "According to Apple, our Quran Majeed app has been deleted from the China App store because it contains additional content that needs to be approved by Chinese authorities. We are trying to contact China's network operators and other relevant authorities to resolve this issue."

The company has said it has nearly one million followers who use their services in China. China's ruling party officially recognizes Islam. However, China has been accused of violating the social justice of the Uyghur Muslims living in Xinjiang.

Earlier this year the BBC reported that Uighur imams were targeted in a Chinese manhunt in the Xinjiang area.

Apple has declined to issue a statement, but has directed the BBC to its Human Rights policies which state: "We are required to comply with the laws of the country concerned, and sometimes there are complex issues with which we may disagree with the government."

Photos from the Quran Majeed app

However, it is unclear what laws the program has broken in China. The Quran Majeed says it is "believed by more than 35 million Muslims in the world". Last month, Apple and Google deleted the voting app developed by the incumbent Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Authorities in Russia have threatened to fine the two companies if they do not seek out the app, which has provided voters with information on who will oust the ruling party candidates.

China is one of Apple's main markets, and the company's supply is heavily dependent on Chinese manufacturing. Apple chief executive Tim Cook has been accused of hypocrisy by US politicians for focusing on US politics, and turning a blind eye to Chinese politics.

Mr Cook accused Donald Trump of banning travelers from seven Muslim countries in 2017.

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