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Mr. Seed Continues To Refuse Responsibility of His Own 'Seed' as He Waits For a DNA Test to Be Done

Mr. Seed was exposed about two months ago for having impregnated Sabrina and denying the same. Sabrina took to Edgar Obare saying that Mr. Seed had taken note of the situation and gone to the limits of even sending 4000 Kenyan shillings for abortion pills. Sabrina has yet come strong to Edgar Obare exposing text messages of Mr. Seed saying he is not taking responsibility until the DNA tests evolve.

In a responding text, Mr. Seed depicts a set case of emotional despair in the way he requests Sabrina to wait for the birth of the baby. The despair being a factor of ruined reputation as well as a shaken marriage.

Sabrina remains heavy with child but makes a disclaimer in the text message saying she is nearing her delivery and that the truth will indeed come to light. Kenyans have taken to social media and Instagram bashing the gospel artist for his act. The fans and mockers remain eager to see what results will come to light at the very end.

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