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Top then best players in the world 2023 with a formation of 3-3-4

After a maximum number of days on observation, FIFA (football federation) had declared the best players in the world by forming their main team as follows:

In goal keeping they identify Thibaut coutois from real Madrid as the best with many saves.

Defense position

In their defence they present unveil squad where virjil van dijk is the centre defender then on left side João cancelo while right side Archaf hakimi. On their defence they have use 3 defenders.

Midfield position

On their midfield they have also present three of them where casemiro is playing as defending midfielder, right side is Kevin debrune while left side is Luka modric, this make a complete midfield position.

Striking position

In their striking position they have present 4 strikers where by eirlng haaland and Karim benzema are playing in central position while on right side is Juliane mbappe who has proved himself cable by providing more effort to his club and also his country team,while left side is Lionel Messi.This make a complete squad for the best starting lineup worldwide

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