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Reasons Why Bananas In Kisii Grow In Large Size

Bananas In Kisii regions grow in large sizes unlike other parts of the country.Here are reasons why bananas grow large in Kisii. 1.There is well drained and fertile soil that is slightly acidic.Bananas will grow and fruit under poor soil conditions but will be less productive without deep, well-drained soil; forest loam, rocky sand, marl, red laterite, volcanic ash, sandy clay, or even heavy clay. The key element in soil type for successful banana plant growth is good drainage. Alluvial soils of river valleys are ideal for banana growing. Bananas prefer an acid soil.

2.The area is an highland that favor growth of banana to large sizes and that is why you will find large bananas in Kisii.

3.The distribution of rainfall is well throughout the year.Enough rainfall is obtained in the area throughout the year that enable growth of bananas.

4.There is good varieties that tolerate to poor environmental conditions.

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