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Duale In Trouble Over Claims That Uhuru Is Harassing Kenyans With Hiked Fuel Prices, Kenyans React

Garissa Township Member of Parliament Hon Aden Duale addressing members of the press conference. (Photo courtesy).

Garissa Township Member of Parliament Hon Aden Duale, has put himself in trouble with Kenyans after accusing President Uhuru Kenyatta for the hiked fuel prices in the country, saying that the he is the one harrassing Kenyans with the hiked prices.

Speaking in Parliament during the debate proceedings of the current hike in fuel prices in the country which has also led to the inflation as qouted by TV47, Duale claimed that the President is the one harrassing Kenyans by using the article 115 in which he has powers to make changes in V.A.T taxes, which the IMF has advised the country to change.

This statement has elicited several reactions from Kenyans, who have accused him for being a hypocrite since he was the one who led the Jubilee legislators to pass the increase in V.A.T when he was serving as the Majority leader in 2018. They have questioned why is he now attacking the President and accusing him for the hike in fuel prices, just because they are no longer in good political relationships.

Here are some of their reactions on Facebook:

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