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Leaked Details Of Bandit New Tactic To Overpower Kenyan Military Officers

The cases of insecurities in various parts of the country have been much alarming and therefore a serious action should be taken.Today from the latest report,it has been realized that the bandits are using guerilla tactics to encounter military officers.

It is true that guerrilla tactic is among the best ways to deal with your enemy since they attack and hide.It is is now high time the Kenyan people to ensure that they maintain peace and unity throughout the country so as to avoid the incidences of violences that may arise in the country as tension intensifies.

The Kenyan Military officers have been in the fore front to ensure that they fully eradicate the issue of bandit attacks but it seems it is a serious challenge to them.The new cabinet secretary of interior Kithure Kindiki has been trying to make more and clever move to deploy more officers in the prone areas to cattle rustling.

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