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Details Of A Secret Meeting Between Uhuru's Brother Muhoho, Gideon Moi And Raila Emerge

Raila Odinga posing for a photo with Gideon Moi and Muhoho Kenyatta.

Raila Odinga today received two visitors, President Uhuru Kenyatta's brother, and one principal of the One Kenya Alliance at his home in Karen.

The two visited the former Prime Minister to check on him, on how he is fairing on, after he was taken I'll by the novel corona virus.

Raila Odinga was diagnosed with corona, after he two OK himself to the hospital, after feeling tired and unwell, and it was when he was found to have been infected with corona virus.

Today's visit by the two, was to check out on how he was fairing, and the strides he has made after recovering from the sickness.

Gideon must have carried greetings of his fellow principals on his visit, as he shared the photo after the meeting, with the former Prime Minister.

The relationship between Raila and Kenyatta's family runs a long way, and Muhoho must have been checking out for his brother, and seeing how he was going on.

Though politics must have taken place at some stage in their conversation, that was not shared out.

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