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Pesa Otas, Celebrity Amber Ray Puts Up A Billboard On Gender Reveal Event For Her Unborn Child

Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo, and their partners are all set to host a baby shower or gender reveal in the near future. They are throwing a lavish party to reveal the gender of the unborn child. Due to Amber's expensive taste, you might have also guessed that the invitations are not your typical square card. A unique card featuring a baby vest and a box shaped like a crib have been sent to friends and family. The couple talked about the upcoming event and how the invites look on their respective social media accounts. A billboard for Amber Ray's gender reveal event for her unborn child is erected.

"Political warning; She wrote, "Msisahau kumeza dawa za pressure leo mapema."

This comes a few days after Kennedy Rapudo, Amber Ray's boyfriend, addressed breakup rumors that had been circulating for most of the day.

The well-known businessman shared with his followers on Instagram that the couple was going through ups and downs just like any other relationship.

In addition, Rapudo informed his followers that their relationship is extremely stable and unlikely to ever end.

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