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How corona has forced families to change lifestyle

Since corona pandemic outbreak it has changed many people's life. People are forced cope new styles of living with it. Others are suffering from these new ways of live others are comfortable with it. Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest societal shift since the Second World War, and with a vaccine in sight and international lockdown thawing, its lasting impact on our lives is being analysed.

Some changes will hopefully be temporary like no one can remember when they last shook hands with someone or hugged when they meet a friend? Other changes may become permanent.

For many, we are avoiding public transport of all kinds has become more likely as working from home becomes a realistic prospect even if it has come to be flexible basis .

One thing has stuck in the minds of people during 2020 it’s the message to wash your hands more often. The pandemic has put a focus on hygiene, both in the home, at work and while travelling and some of that messaging will surely stick.

Tourism sector also have been forced to limit numbers tourist during the pandemic to maintain social distance. Many tourists have found that the quieter attractions made for a much more pleasant experience. Allotted time slots and are booked in time have become the norm. Some venues have introduced apps or gadgets to help space people out.

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