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What the President is Likely to Say in the Next Address(Opinion)

The President is expected to address the nation any time soon. People are hoping that he will loosen some of the restrictive measures. Here are the things he is likely to talk about;

1. Reopening of Schools.

Schools are to be reopened on 10th May as confirmed by Cabinet Secretary Magoha. However most higher institutions have not issued their reopening dates. This is because they are in a dilemma of whether the government will reopen the country or not.

2. Lockdown.

He did put a lockdown in the areas which were considered to be hotspot to the disease. They include Machakos,Nairobi,Kiambu, Kajiado and Nakuru. Will he reopen those counties? Kenyans are eagerly waiting to hear from him on that.

3. Curfew.

Will he revise the curfew time? The questions we have will only be answered by the president.

However we will return to normalcy when the disease declines or when perhaps everybody will be vaccinated. The first phase is being vaccinate. Among them are the teachers and people who are 58 years and above.

They are expected to receive their second doses of the vaccine after 12 weeks. Until you are vaccinated continue keeping social distance and washing your hands. Dear reader,what is your view on the coming presidential address. As always let us keep the conversation going in the comment section.

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