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"Mr Kindiki You Don't Know Who I am" Angry Raila Lectures Kindiki over anti-Government Rallies

Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, reprimanded Interior CS Kithure Kindiki for making 'threats' about their upcoming anti-government rallies. On Sunday, Raila said Kindiki should cease threatening the opposition in Likoni, Mombasa.

"Kindiki is threatening me, saying Raila should be careful or he will face the law. The police are independent and cannot be ordered by a minister, according to the Constitution."

He went on to say that Kindiki has no idea what he can do, and that he was still young when he was fighting for Kenyan democracy. Raila stated that the CS should stop threatening him as a result of this.

"Kindiki, Mr. You have no idea who I am. You were still young when we were fighting for democracy in Kenya... stop threatening us."

Raila also urged Mombasa locals to attend his anti-government protests in big numbers.

On the day that Azimio leader Raila Odinga declared that the start of nationwide mass action had been officially declared, the government had pledged to use "all force" against illegal opposition protestors.

President William Ruto's administration promised to deal firmly with people who attempt to utilize liberties given by the Constitution to harm others, setting the stage for a confrontation.

"We have no reason to explain or apologize. Anyone who violates the law under the guise of exercising their rights will face the full force of the law," Interior Cabinet Secretary Kindiki Kithure told the Star.

Azimio's multi-pronged strategy includes defiance, protests, boycotts, and peaceful sit-ins, which may include occupying strategic government offices.

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