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'Wonders Will Never End' A Funeral Stopped After A 60 Year Old man Slides 2 Eggs In woman's Coffin

A man in Kakamega county slides two eggs in a coffin where the funeral brought into stand still. The man place one egg on the left side of the decease and the other on the head where he was caught. The angry mourners demanded explanations the meaning of what he was doing. The community elders believes that the man place the egg on the coffin to avoid spirits of the death tormenting him. since he might the one caused the death of the woman.

The man should explain the reason why he did that. In various communities such mysteries do happen since every community has his norms ,beliefs and values about certain things. This happenings should be critically analyzed so as we know the true behind it and what are the consequences of believing in it. According to story covered by tuko here is some of the evidence of the story.

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