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"Ni Kama Eddy amerudi kwa Samidoh" Reactions as Eddy shared a post asking this about a policeman

If you frequently visit social media you may have come across Samidoh Muchoki at some point. He is a Kikuyu musician Benga who sings in vernacular. He has moved from grass to fame within a short period of time due to his creativity, determination and hardwork he employed in Mugithi music industry.

He is a social media influencer with well ground to be distracted by naysayers. He is a father of five children being married to Eddy Nderitu with three children while two kids out of wedlock with Karen Nyamu who is a renown politician and currently nominated as senator of Nairobi county. Samidoh is a renown musician who is courageous when it comes in telling the truth without the fear of trolls from the public.

Few hours ago, Eddy Nderitu shared on a her Facebook official page, where she bring on the challenge asking her fans how do they call a policeman in bed. She said that her personally would have called him an undercover cop. She called upon her fans to give out their opinions where most of her fans gave out different names as per their views. Most of her fans commented saying that she has recovered from the heartbreak as others encouraged her to be strong in everything that will come her way. See the comments below.

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