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Meet The Surprising Fools Day Of April First Meaning And Origin

April fools day is an annual custom ussually celebrated on first of April consisting of pranking jokes and hoaxes often yelling "April Fool's".

It had been celebrated for many years ago by different cultures and its exact origin remain a mystery.

Some historical speculate that April fool's day back in 1582 when France country switched from Julian Calendar to Gregorian Calendar as called for the council Trent in 1563 in the Julian Calendar.

As in the Hindu Calendar the new year began with the spring equinox around date one of April.

People who failed to change their calendars and those who were slow to change and get the news about changing of calenders continued to celebrate end of year on date one of April.They were then called April Fool's.

They were pranked and these pranks included placing a paper fish on their back and the bug was referred to as April Fish which symbolized young easily cought fish.

Comment with the joke you will do to your friend today on fools day.

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