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Good News To Kenyans After Dr. Fred Matiangi Says This About Fuel Prices

The CS Interior, Dr.Fred Matiang'i has given big hopes to many Kenyans today afternoon. Matiang'i has said that the cries and lamentations of Kenyans about increased fuel prices have been received and is being worked on thoroughly.

He says that the fuel prices might reduce this week following the government's move to call a crisis meeting to review the prices of fuel.

Dr Fred Matiang'i will be the chairman of the meeting which will mainly focus on addressing the possible ways of tackling the the problem of the increase in fuel prices.

The crisis meeting comes amid protests from Kenyan bodaboda riders who had cried about the loss they suffer in their day to day activities. Recently, one litre of petrol stands at ksh. 140.

It has been a norm that,once the price of fuel goes up,then the price of basic commodities also increase because fuel is a very essential item in production something which will make the life of an ordinary Kenyan so hard.

What can you say about this?

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