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Wanancy. ''My Husband Always Woke up At Night to Check on The Children. He is Supportive.''

Although she has a Degree in Finance, she was always passionate about acting. Through her friend, she was able to join acting in 2019. In the beginning, they were doing it for fun but it was for money. Luckily their cameraman shot their videos for free because they had no money to pay.

They are now the household names to many. Despite being famous her children don't that their mother is an actor. According to her, she says that she has never introduced them to the world of theater. ''I can never want my children to see what I do. Because at times we bring content that is only be supposed for the over 18.'' Wanancy adds. Later when they become mature they can check out her work.

Luckily for her husband, she says he is happy about what she does. At times he gives her some nice content. Unfortunately, Wanancy can never like her husband to watch her performing live. She never allowed her relatives to watch her while performing.

Fortunately, she is able to balance family and work. At home, she is a mother, wife but when it comes to acting she is Wanancy. As per her story, she got married, at 21. By that time she was working, doing her degree, and was married and pregnant. The whole thing traumatized him so much. She later decided to leave her job and her degree course.

Wanancy is always thankful to her husband because he supported her so much. ''At times he would help in doing the home chores. He would wake up at night and check if the children are okay.'' She adds. According to Wanancy, she has only left her matrimonial home once.

One day they had a misunderstanding with her husband and so she left. She stayed at her parent's home for one week but her husband never came for her. Later she went back. From that day she always has ways to tackle their issues as a family.

As for her, she advises couples not to fight because of petty mistakes At times men compromise many things because of us. If for example, your husband painted the house with red color. Don't keep arguing because of colour be comfortable with what he has done for you.

The only way to avoid misunderstanding in the family is by;

  1. Know how to say sorry.
  2. Avoid things that make our husband angry.
  3. Understand each other's weaknesses.
  4. Women should be submisive

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