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Coronavirus Situation in India is Very Heartbreaking

The covid_19 situation in India continues worsen than of any other country in the world.Photos shared on social media platforms would made you she'd tears with family members watch out their loved ones being cremated

World Health Organization (WHO) is doing everything possible to help combat the beyond Heartbreaking condition either by providing critical conditions machines , assisting with Oxygen Cylinders and laboratory supplies

Already WHO has deployed 2,600 health workers to help in fighting the deadly disease.Recently India ordered it's army to help in tackling the surging virus overwhelming hospitals with countries like Britain , Germany and Unites States pledging to provide medical aid.

The AstraZeneca vaccine that is locally made in the country by Serum Institute of India seems not to be moving health care system well , a move that has forced ministry of health to order more COVAX vaccine which is run by GAVI vaccine alliance.

Meanwhile netizens from allover have taken to social media to send their condolences messages to the bereaved families of India for losing their beloved ones

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