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Powerful CS Challenges Raila, Reminds Him of Serious Issue

A powerful Cabinet Secretary Kiriako Tobiko has challenged Raila Odinga for failing to come up with manifesto that speaks on issues around climate change. According to Tobiko, Raila and his team are yet to speak about climate and how to mitigate the changes to save human life.

Here is a video link:

Tobiko is clear he has been listening to Raila Odinga but was yet to hear anything on matters around climate change. Tobiko is clear it's painful issue for climate change consequences are dire and are the cause of most deaths in the world.

Tobiko wants Odinga and all other political aspirants who are seeking leadership positions to come up with issues that add value. He has wondered of why everybody was talking about economic models instead of telling us about climate change and how they will do about it as well.

Tobiko has made it clear that Climate change is a big issue and it's something next president after Uhuru must be ready to deal with. According to Tobiko, Odinga and his ODM team are yet to do anything of that sort and seemingly have failed squarely by only focusing on economics.

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