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East Africa To Have Its First Female President

Tanzania today woke up with a bad news of the death of their president John Pombe Magufuli. Magufuli was declared dead yesterday at night with Tanzanian vice president Samia Hassan saying the president died at 6pm.

After two long weeks of his whereabouts, Tanzanians now have the real news and cannot hide away from the Truth.

With the cause of his death still remains a puzzle, Tanzanian vice president Samia said that the country will go into a two weeks (14days) mourning of their president.

With his death and burial in preparation,East Africa will for the first time have a female president. Dr. Samia Hassan will succeed late president John Pombe Magufuli until 2025 when his term was to end.

Dr. Samia will assume the responsibilities of presidency as soon as possible to put their country in order as many things have happened within the two weeks magufuli has been away.

Do you think the Tanzanian deep state will give her the chance to rule peacefully?

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