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Dp Ruto Ally Reveals Powerful Individuals Plotting To Bring Him Down In Next Years General Elections

Bahati Lawmaker Kimani Ngunjiri has today exposed Uhuru Kenyatta for plotting a move that will bring down Dp William Ruto,in a video he shared on social media platforms he disclosed that its Mama Ngina Kenyatta who brought former Prime Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta together which was a move to discredit the second in command,he further explained Raila Odinga's part in bringing down Dp Ruto,by saying that he was a propagandist who was supposedly to bring false accusations on Dp William Ruto.

However Ngunjiri did not deny the existence of deep state in affecting outcomes of elections,he claimed that in every elections their are individuals who influence general elections,his statement comes few days after a powerful politician from Mt Kenya region said that in 2022 deep state will play a key role picking who will lead the country but only if the candidate is popular and controls majority of the votes.

Kimani Ngunjiri insisted that President Uhuru Kenyatta mother is one of those individuals who are pushing Dp William Ruto outside the government,he claimed that the Kenyatta family is trying to protect their interests that's why they are barring him from leading the country.

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