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Remarks From Makau Mutua After Aden Duale Said He Doesn't Believe William Ruto

Makau Mutua who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his tweeter page that Aden Duale has told nation Africa that he don't believe in William Ruto and he doesn't trust any politician. Mutua state's that he believes that Ruto will betray Duale and so he is telling us not to believe him either.

Onesmus tweeted, "You know what i find funny with some of these politicians? it's that they only speak of how their colleagues betray them and ignore how they constantly betray Kenyans."

Responder Inc tweeted, "Is this Duale's blackmail stock option to Bwana DP to upgrade his rank in the hustliars movement? Let's see whether it will work."

Boniemumba tweeted, "He is right. You can as well stop trusting him as well. Or you tell us openly the politician you trust then we will judge you as a real professor or otherwise. Stop this useless noise and be sensible."

Amin Welly tweeted, "Duale hasn't received his Direct Nomination certificate from UDA Kenya Hustler Bureau of Electoral Machinations like these dependables. Khalwale has also been getting monthly stipend from Ruto's loot to cap to his direct nomination certificate."

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