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Diana's Sister Mitchell Shares Photos Of Her House A Month After Diana Renovated

Mitchell is Diana's youngest Sister who recently welcomed a new bundle of joy in her family. Diana Bahati is one of the Celebrities content creator with the most amazing personality. Diana recently awarded Mitchell with a house make over one month ago when Mitchell was still in the hospital. Diana Revealed that for the longest time, she had felt the urge to transform Mitchell's house. This is because even Mitchell was not comfortable of showing her house to the public. Mitchell could only post her bedroom videos since their bedroom is the only place in Mitchell's house that looked better. Diana wanted to surprise her sister so badly with a house make over transition.

Diana revealed that Mitchell's house is usually very cold and Diana felt that Mitchell's baby should not be exposed to such kind of coldness. Diana even said that because of the coldness in Mitchell's house, she normally doesn't allow her babies to visit Mitchell and she instead advocates Mitchell's babies to visit Diana instead.

Mitchell has revelead photos of her house one month after renovation and Mitchell is still thankful to Diana for the real transformation. See the photos that Mitchell has shared one month after the house transformation. Below are the before photos.

See Mitchell's house after Diana Changed the design.

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