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Rats; Stop Wasting Money On Rat Poison, See How To Kill Them Using This Simple Method

House pests have become such a problem in our homes, it's not even funny anymore. And if you've had an infestation of pests like rats, then you know it's a disaster. So we are all looking for a quick solution to end this, but most of the time you find that the insecticides are eating into your budget, and to make matters worse, they are not even working. Frustrating. But not anymore, because today, I will share with you some chemical-free and cheap ways to eradicate those rats in your house.

What you will need: slightly cooked onions. Yes, funnily enough, this is all you need and yes, it does work. And like I mentioned earlier, it is not only chemical free, it is also very cheap and effective. Onions not only kill rats, they also prevent rats from invading your house.

The process:

Just mix some slightly cooked onions with any food the rats will eat. You can also add some baby powder into the mixture. This is highly poisonous to the rats and they will die soon after eating this.

It is very important to keep any liquid that can quench their thirst away. This is so that they do not find an alternative to rejuvenate their system.

It is also advisable to use the bait at night. Make sure the bait area is well locked with no movement in the house. This is because rats are afraid of human activity and they will not feed on the bait during the day.

How it works:

First, you need to know that rats can eat onions, but only after they are well cooked. They are not harmful to the rats when well cooked, because the toxic elements in raw onions become weak when exposed to high temperatures. So rats will enjoy well cooked onions.

However, if the onions are not well cooked, they can cause serious stomach upsets for the rats. This makes them very weak, and eventually kills them. You should also note that rats can't vomit, which is what makes the onions effective in killing them, if they eat a lot of the onions. There is no way to get it out of their system. So the negative effects will have time to affect them.

This method takes up to 12 hours to kill the rats, if the onions are taken in large quantities. This is because rats can only survive up to 30 minutes without oxygen. Onions cause instant anemic symptoms in rats, and this will make them weak and less mobile.

When they ingest onions in large quantities, they start to experience kidney failure. This will make the rats thirsty in the process.

If they do not find water to drink, they will die. This explains why you may find a dead rat in the open. It's only because it was trying to look for water. You can also starve them, so that they become desperate. This will make them eat anything including those poorly cooked onions.

We have covered all about eliminating rats in your house, but what can you do to keep them away? Simple. Raw onions are one of the best rat repellents.

Just chop some pieces of fresh onions and placing them at their usual paths, or the entrance of their hideout. For example, when you notice that rats have made a hole through your wall, you can place some fresh onion pieces at that exact point, or even throw them in the rat hole. If there is any rat hiding, it will definitely run out. This will also keep them from using that hole to get into the house.

What happens is that the onions irritate the rat’s eyes. The harsh pungent smell also tingles their sensitive noses, thus driving them away.

So if you have a rat problem, or know anyone who has a rat problem, don't hesitate to share this information with them, to help get rid of those rats. Was the article helpful? Share your thoughts below, like, share and follow my page for more interesting tips.

Content created and supplied by: Ngugimoreen16 (via Opera News )


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