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Kenyans Are Right To Be Mad At Us; UDA Senator Says As He Hints On Ways To Deal With Raila

United Democratic association party senator Aaron Cheruyot has claimed that all Kenyans have a right to be mad at them for failing to Deal with Raila Odinga once and for all.

Taking to his Twitter page, Cheruyot claimed that the organizers of the countrywide mass demonstration like the orange Democratic movement party leader Raila Odinga and his team have all given up on Kenya and are on the verge of destroying it.

He claimed that the azimio la umoja movement team are organizer with bombs ready to make people perish but they have a plan to deal with that. The plan is to skillfully unarm the azimio brigade so as they do not cause more harm to the country.

"Kenyans are right to be mad at us for allowing Azimio terrorists to hurt them. Please understand that Tinga & co. have given up on Kenya. They are akin to mujahideens armed with bombs, ready to detonate so that we all perish. We have to skillfully disarm them. Bear with us," he said.

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