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Family Reveals The Last Moments 2 Slain Children Had With Their Dad Before He Killed Them

The family to the doctor reported to have killed his two children in Nakuru has broken their silence. His sister revealed the last moments that the doctor had with his children just before ending their lives.

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According to her, the family received the sad news with disbelief. She says that the doctor was a jovial man on the day of the incident and that he had happy moments with the two children then. The family says that Doctor James did not exhibit any signs of mental distress or depression.

James came home a happy man and warmly played with his children. On the very day, he seemed to be overly excited to be home and that he enjoyed the two children's company. The sister asserted that there had never been any marital issues between him and his wife.

The family now has been left with more questions than answers as they wait for a clear report on the cause of the children's death. The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) says that metal health among health officers should be investigated.

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