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Kabando Wa Kabando Reveals The Presidential Aspirant He Shall Support Between Ruto And Raila

Kabando Wa Kabando has rubished to claims associating him to both Raila and Ruto's side, according to him he belongs to the 25 percentage people who have not yet decided on who to vote for come 2022 election until 9th December when he will decide.

Kabando further stated that 8 months are many days to change the political wave to any side thus no politician should brag about the support he has.

"Of mountain climbing. RAO has most elite, intellectuals, middle class upwards and deep state. On the other hand, WSR has most all others including nearly all clergy. But in politics 8 months is eternity. I belong to 25% UNDECIDED, at least until 9 th December. With good reasons!" stated Kabando Wa Kabando.

He further revealed that there were chances of Kalonzo leaving OKA alliance in order to join either Raila or Ruto's side .

"Is our Choice only Raila or Ruto? Perhaps. But not exactly. Yet, over 25% potential voters undecided. In some networks, there was hope of Musalia or Kibwana; latter has since "succumbed" to Azimio la umoja while MM risks losing Kalonzo to Deep state for RAO. If so, Raila or Ruto it is." he added.

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