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JJ Threatens To Do This If Salama Doesn't Reveal All The Secrets About His Real Family ; May 18th

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Our first stop is at Salama’s house where we meet Salama who has adamantly refused to open up and reveal the secrets she is holding about JJ’s family and sister in particular. All these came up when upon returning from the hospital where they had taken Sultana for an eye checkup, JJ found a picture on the bed. We remember it’s Millah who came with the picture to Salama in the hope of finding the answers about his missing brother who happens to be JJ.

Even Sultana was fed up with the secrets and begs Salama to please open up. UA adds that JJ has really been troubled for a while now in trying to find out the real truth about his family origins, but Salama insists that when the right time comes she will open up but for now everyone should understand her. She claims currently they have got many things to handle and should focus on that.

Sada decides to weigh in and also think it is prudent for Salama to finally open the lid on everything but seeing that Salama is at pains to reveal the truth, changes and tells everyone that at the moment isn’t the right time as their plates are full with issues leave alone tendering for the sick Babu. She asks that they wait until when everything will have calmed down before Salama tells them everything. This doesn’t bode well with the rest in the house as shock is seen written all over their faces.

JJ now angrily says that all their plans will have to stop until when Salama puts everything in the open. UA now weighs in saying Sada has been pestering them to move in the same direction and work together but now that Salama has completely refused to speak up then it seems all their efforts are going down the drain.

We see while they are still waiting for Salama to finally let it out, Sada suddenly receives a call from Asya who is full of anxiety and tension. She reports to Sada that back at home everything is in disarray and her intervention was needed immediately.

She tells Sada that the two acquaintances Fatima and Major first locked them up in their room with Maria and ransacked the whole house upside down causing lots of drama. She says Maria has even beaten and seriously hurt Fatima too.

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