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Why Raila And Ruto Are Politically Famous With Equal Proportion

There is a law sorrounding the fame and popularity of Deputy President William Samoei Ruto and the Orange Democratic Party Leader Raila Amollo Odinga.

Celebrity of oneself is something that is success ordained, mastered over time and gift. The reasons as to why Ruto and Raila attained success of such magma is basically due to perception and publicity.

Negative and Positive publicity both counts in making someone famous. In the case of Raila, his acts starting from masterminding the 1982 coup, bringing Moi erra to an end and facilitating Kibaki's Presidency is key factors that made him a political celebrity.

Ruto's case is somehow similar starting from his participation in the YK-92, facilitating the post election violence in 2007 and his success at becoming the current Deputy President contributed to all this.

These are the major factors that centrally attributed to their political fame. Nature and effort made them to become so.

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