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How Kamiti Prison Compared to Estcourt Prison Where Zuma Is imprisoned

Preceding South African president Jacob Zuma has already been processed in Estcourt prison to serve his 15-month jail penalty. Pictures of him being processed in the prison have been disseminating on social media ascertaining his commencement.

There is a big discrepancy between Escourt prison and our own Kamiti prison. Kamiti prison is one of the enormous names on Kenya's prison catalog. It is the largest prison in the country in terms of inmate capacity and facilities.

Kamiti prison was constructed in 1954 by the British. It was meant to detain culprits during a state of emergency. In contrast, Estcourt prison is a recent prison that was only constructed two years ago.

In terms of facility, most facilities in Kamiti were those provided for by the colonial administration. The Kenyan government has only financed the installation of a few facilities. Estcourt has some of the best state-of-the-art prison facilities in South Africa.

(Estcourt shared cell)


Kamiti prison has an inmate capacity of between 18,000-25000 inmates. Currently, it has a population of 42,592 inmates. Contrary, Estcourt has an inmate capacity of only 512 inmates.

Kenyan prisoners are known for their black and white striped uniforms. South African prisoners dress in orange jumpsuits.

(Kenyan prisoners in black and white striped uniform)

(S. Prisoners in orange jumpsuits)

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