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Good News To Burna Boy Fans

Burna Boy who is a Nigerian musician who has earned himself a name in the music industry.He has won alot of music awards one of them being the greatest Grammy Awards and also he won BET awards in 2021.

It's now good news to the followers and fans of him, as he was selected to perform at this years UEFA champions league finals which will take place in Istanbul Turkey on the 10th of June this year.The champions league is currently in the quarter finals stages, with eight of the best teams in Europe competing to win the greatest trophy and be crowned the Kings of Europe.

The teams that have already qualified for the champions league quarter finals are Ac Millan, Chelsea, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Benfica and Real Madrid who are the current defending champions.

Burna Boy will be expected to sing his great energetic Afro beats songs to millions of fans before the kickoff of the champions league finals match.Was it a good choice for the UEFA to pick him to perform are your thought?

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