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What It Means If You Have These Two Holes On Your Back.

Some things on your body may seem to have no meaning to you but they really depict special ability that you may not know.

The same way some individuals have dimples on their cheeks, others have to holes that resemble dimples on the lower part of the back almost at the waist.

Lucky are the few individuals that have this kind of holes because they are rare to find.

In this article I am going to share with you the message that the two holes pass about you to other people.

These two holes when in women are known as the Venus on the other hand, when in men they are known as Apolo.

Below is what is believed for individuals with Apolo and Venus.

1. Just like dimples, Apolo and Venus shows that one is very beautiful or handsome.

However, this doesn't mean people without the Venus and Apolo are not beautiful and handsome.

2. Your body and bones are strong

Majority of people have Venus and Apolo but due to overweight they dissapear

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