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You Will Never Be Rich If You Continue Making These 6 Mistakes

Even though many of us are born under similar conditions and even have an opportunity to grow under similar circumstances, we don't end up being the same in terms of success. You can even find to brothers from the same parents and one is very rich while the other is seriously poor.

Some are born poor but end up being very rich, some are born rich and end up dying very poor and you even wonder what it is that something people do that others don't.

What is this thing that happens and makes some people rich and others very poor? One thing I believe about success is that it never comes by accident. It has nothing to do with luck, when luck encounters an unprepared mind then nothing in your life will change.

In today's article am not going to give you tips on being successful but rather give you some weird behaviors that we tolerate that in the end make us very poor instead of changing our lives for the best.

1. Not investing

To invest is simply put your money in a project that will make it produce. Unfortunately many people think that we can only invest when we have millions in our accounts. As long as we look at investing as a no option for us, we may never succeed and getting rich will remain a dream.

2. Spending all your Salary

I know many people are victims of such, many people earn big salaries but by the end of the month they have nothing to show because all has been spent within that month. As long as you spent all your salary and remain with nothing, getting rich will always remain a mystery to you.

3. Surviving on loans

With the technology that is growing every other time, there are many places you can borrow money from even at a click of a button. Why borrow cash to spent it on something that will not generate the same cash? Loans are very important but don't borrow a loan to spend it on something that will not generate more unless it is necessary that you do that.

4. Putting all your savings in a bank

We know that banks are very essential especially when it comes to saving cash. Have you heard of Banks that were declared bankrupt yet people had saved millions in those banks. Of course that is not reason enough to make you scared of saving your money in the bank but it is better invest the money so that it can produce more at a faster rate rather than saving it where the value will remain almost constant. You can instead buy shares or even bonds and other important stuff.

5. Lending money to close friends

If you intend to keep your relationship intact and long lasting, never make them mistake of lending money to a close friend, one thing is that they might refuse to give the money back to you or you even become afraid of asking for your money. So it is better to to just lend them if you want to help but don't expect them to return after all they are your friend.

6. Buying things you did not plan

This is one common thing that many find themselves doing, you are walking in the streets and you see some nice shoe, despite the fact that you have a number of shoes that you still take to wear, you still decide to buy and it becomes part of the many shoes you keep in the house but don't wear. If you want to be rich, discipline yourself when it comes to buying things unnecessarily. A budget for the entire month can help you solve that problem.

What do you think are some other common habits that we tolerate that still make us poor? Feel free to share and also comment. Otherwise thank-you for reading this article.

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