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Suspects Say They Left The Body Of NLC Staff Lying Where It Was Found

The late NLC staff Jennifer Wambua

Two estimates caught over the manslaughter of National Land Commission staff part Jennifer Wambua ensure they met and left her at the scene where her body was found. Wambua was a representative head of correspondence at the commission. The suspects were caught on Thursday evening. 

They have told police that they met her lying at the scene on March 12 and held a short visit and were in a little while joined by a third man who they told police they can perceive. According to the suspects, they left Wambua and the third man between 4-5 pm. 

They told the police the NLC staff part looked debilitate and forsaken. She asked them for water and the third man walked around a nearby retail outlet and brought the water. The guesses told police they left Wambua and the third man talking. 

"They ensure they were on their own business there when they met the woman lying there and talked immediately. They said she gave off an impression of being disturbed and debilitate. They ensure they were joined by a man they know from the space and is the individual who brought her water that we suspect was spiked," said a specialist aware of the test. 

The police on Friday conveyed the two in court and mentioned 14 days to hold the assumes who were caught in Ngong on Thursday. The specialists said the two had been associated with the manslaughter plot of Wambua. 

The suspects appeared under the careful gaze of a Kiambu court, which mentioned they are kept at Muthaiga police central command until April 23 when they appear there again for extra headings. 

The gathering acknowledges the person who bought the water expressly assaulted Wambua preceding executing her. The pursuit for the suspect is advancing. 

A section of staff at NLC was Wednesday fire seared for a seriously long time as an element of the test into the murder of Wambua. Police acknowledge she was debilitated jobless or local-related issues. 

Wambua vanished on March 12, 2021, nonetheless, her body was discovered dumped in Ngong Forest the following day. Police say they are investigating a murder event over her passing. 

A posthumous showed she was stifled by uncovered hands. Police managing the case said their test is locked in at NLC and incorporates interests that the died had taken and was in all likelihood zeroing in on her. 

Criminal specialists said they had discovered Wambua had gotten an impress outperforming Sh6 million and had been alluded to by a commentator report. She by then assented to have the money recovered from her pay. Days, before she was killed about Sh2.7 million, was transported in private by the essayist. 

The money was sent from the NLC record to Wambua's to pay suppliers of various items and adventures for the dispatch of a fundamental course of action for the commission that was charged on March 5 at a Nairobi Hotel. 

Criminal examiners dealing with the case say out of the money delivered off Wambua, Sh2 million was eliminated two days before she vanished. 

In any case, the suppliers have told the police they have not been paid their money as agreed. The authorities are also focusing on the 58 calls that were made to her mobile phone days and hours before her passing. 

Her loved one Joseph Komu was furthermore chatted with by police for two days as the test goes on. He told police his loved one had gotten devout and would vanish for up three days for petitions. He added she seemed, by all accounts, to be disturbed days before her end. 

She ought to be on a five-day leave from March 8 yet showed up in the working environment on March 12, the day she vanished. Wambua left the total of her resources recalling her bag and phone for their vehicle and left leaving no trace of her next objective. 

On the day she vanished, she was dropped caught up with working at around 7 am, and walked around her office with her pack and lunch encase hand. 

She later left the working environment close to an hour later and went to where their family vehicle had been left, opened the boot, and put the individual things there including her PDA preceding leaving to a dark spot. It was until the following day that her body was found in a brush in the Ngong locale. 

Jennifer was moreover an onlooker in a corruption circumstance where Lugari MP Ayub Savula and 19 others have been blamed for Sh122 million deception at the Government Advertising Agency. There is no association so far between her destruction and the case.

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