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Sharp Reactions After IG Mutyambai Revealed to Kenyans What to do to Police Officers Taking Bribes

The corruption menace in the kenyan Police service has been a thorn in the flesh for many kenyans with the law enforcement officers accused of being among the most corrupt government institutions in Kenya today.

However, inspector general of police Hilary Mutyambai has come out to tell kenyans that both the person giving out the bribe and the one taking are equally to blame. While asking kenyans to obey the current COVID-19 containment measures, he had an interesting solution to Kenyans on what to do to a police officer caught taking Bribes.

According to Mutyambai, when Kenyans encounter traffic police taking bribes, they should immediately report the officer in question to the nearest police station for action to be taken against the officer.

This interesting solution left many kenyans reacting sharply as they openly disagreed with the solution provided by the country's police boss.

Davis: Reporting corruption to the nearest police station is not effective, why not get us an email where we can send evidence to ? Reporting corruption should be made easy.

Ken: IG who will risk being beaten by the cops its better to be in a matatu carrying full capacity.

Give us hotline. reporting a thief to fellow thieves expect no action. those police officers collecting bribe are sent by there seniors you should be aware of this.

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