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No matter how Angry you are, Never say this words to your partner in a Marriage

Marriage seems to mean "learning to converse constantly." Yes, there's more to marriage than communication, but how many marital troubles could be fixed if we communicated better?

Only say wise things. They'll be blessed. Eph 4:29 These actions and words will calm your marriage. Next, disrespectful partner phrases. This is cultureless thinking. Solving a problem's nature is irrelevant. Your partner? If you act like this, your marriage will suffer.

I miss her. Mentioning a previous lover won't help. If you want a quiet marriage, avoid such comments. Peaceful marriages require such words. Your sweetheart will believe anything.

Quiet! Rude! Not courteous.

Never say "I'll divorce you" Most people threaten their partner unknowingly. This hurts your marriage and partner's sentiments. God must stop a disaster.

Misunderstand... Julienne Derichs says honesty isn't always ideal. Intimacy, warmth, and proximity are occasionally confused with "unbridled self-expression." "Unbridled self-expression" is sometimes confused with closeness. "I'm honest," some say. Being honest doesn't mean dismissing your partner's feelings.


"Whatever" hinders biblical reconciliation. Using "whatever" to dismiss disagreements shows you don't care enough to discuss. Removing anything from your marriage vocabulary will push you to explain. Love is gentle, kind, unflappable, and persistent. 13 Cor.


"This feels like a failure. Idiot. Idiot." Words can't be retracted, no matter how angry. Audrey Hope, a relationship expert, says these feelings self-fulfill.

9. Fighting Children aren't adults. Children aren't adults. Kindergarteners can read/listen. Many adults are preschoolers.

Died Kill when? When did you kill? Misguided.

Apologies improve relationships. Deliverability matters. Destroys "sorry." It's defensive, not regretful. "Sorry" can soften a blow.

12. Saying this won't kill anyone or hurt their spouse's self-esteem. Obese Fat-shaming

Poor tongue beats poor appearance. Lips are popular. Everybody's pretty. Insulters are mean.

I'll mary if you do. This risks blunders and irresponsibility. Literalism helps your marriage. Incorrect.

“You’re crazy”

Men, your wife may act insane, and she may know it, but stop pointing it out. Men, you should be the stronger spouse. Address your spouse lovingly. Use positive language, not negative.

In Conclusion

Stop dealing in absolutes—you'll notice amazing outcomes in your marriage. Self-awareness helps you avoid attacking your spouse. Better ways to express your feelings will strengthen your marriage.

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