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Hope For Bars And Churches On Re-opening As The Following Details Emerge

The president of the republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta on March 26 Announced a raft of measures meant to curb the spread of COVID-19 whose positivity rate had hit over 20% up from 2% in January.

The new measures introduced include cessation of movement from in and out of five disease infected areas of Nairobi, Nakuru, kajiado, Kiambu and Machakos counties.

Churches and other places of worship in these areas were closed and there hasn't been congregational worship ever since.

Affected also were bars and restaurants whereby they were only allowed to sell on take away basies within limited times.

However, according to daily nation today, there is hope of reopening as the experts monitor the decreasing positivity rate and flattening of the curve.

So far, the positivity rate has gone down to 14% from a high of 22% . The rate is a percentage of positive cases to numbers tested in a day.

Another good Development that the experts are monitoring is the Vaccination drive which has become successful as over 400000 Kenyans have been Vaccinated.

A majority are Frontline workers like healthcare practitioners, teachers, policemen and kenyans over the the age of 58.

The affirmation yesterday by the CS Education that school re-opening will go on as scheduled citing flattening of the curve as a reason serves to offer hope that other sectors are bound to be re-opened soon.

Daily nation Continues to report that within the next 14 days if the curve continues to flatten, they may advice the president to ease the earlier restrictions.

If reopening happens, it will be good news as kenyans have been pleading with the president to consider reversing his decision due to job losses and other disruptions.

Do you think it's time president easened restrictions? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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